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Prototype RoboCow "Cow on the Rails" (2013)
Our new higher performance unit is coming soon.
Optional sizes:
Chubby Turner - "It works perfect for me." (2013)
Very quiet, very smooth!
Optional sizes:
RoboCow Lift System (2012)
Revolutionary Approach to Cutting Horse Training

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RoboCow is the new leading edge in cutting horse training technology.

The Most Advanced Cutting Horse Training Aid on the Market

RoboCow set

Why Buy RoboCow?

  • Smoothest machine on the market
  • All controls on your wrist
  • Arena limits feature
  • Direct wireless PC control (optional)
  • Programmable remote (optional)
  • Portable - under 35 lbs (16 kg)!
  • Quick and easy mounting
  • Full 3 year warranty
  • Climate control not required
  • 120v / 240v AC
  • Over 35 years of industrial and mobile electronics experience
  • Made in USA (Canadian units made in Canada)
  • High resale value protects your investment


All RoboCow components are made of high quality materials and modern technologies.

The Most Advanced Cutting Horse Training Aid on the Market


What you will find in the
shipping box:

  • Mechanical Box
  • Detachable Antenna
  • Surge suppressor
  • Standard Remote Controller Set
  • Flag - five different models available
  • Rope 250 ft
  • End Pulley Assembly Set
  • Mounting Brackets
  • Installation instruction - view
  • Remote operating manual - view

Optional items *

  • Programmable remote
  • Longer rope 500/750/1000 ft
  • Stuffed Cow
  • Mounting Brackets
  • Corner Pulley Assembly Set

* This product is not included in the standard RoboCow set. If you want to have it in the shipping box, make sure that it is included in your order as an additional item.

CHUBBY TURNER - J Five Ranch Manager; Past NCHA President;
Weatherford, TX

I have used every mechanical device on the market and none compare to Robocow.

Robocow is smoother, easier and more versatile than any others I nave used. You can run everything from the hand control. The technology in RoboCow has far surpassed the competition and the company stands behind the product.

We recently introduced RoboCow to the European Cutters in Lyons France at the Mercuria World Series Show. It was busy from daylight to dark and several machines were purchased.

One Time Choice and CD Boonsmal have been tuned on RoboCow.

I have a RoboCow in my trailer and in my barn. I don't intend to be anywhere without RoboCow !!!

    Chubby Turner
    November 2012

RoboCow Standard:

Operating Your Standard Remote Control - User manual (rev. 10.09.2013)
Operating Your Programmable Remote Control - User manual (rev. 08.08.2014)
The RoboCow Installation Instructions
The Brochure

RoboCow Lift System:

Robocow Lift System Installation Instructions.