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We are the Technology Leader in cutting horse training !

Basically, we are a very experienced industrial and mobile electronics engineering company that teamed up with experienced cutting horse riders to create this product. We got into this business because we knew we could do a much better job - and we did.  Everyone who we know who has tried our unit has preferred our unit - absolutely!  We guarantee it. Others have sold more units - but that's because they started a long time ago.

  • We have some great features that others do not have.
  • We have every feature that they have.
  • We are fully programmable - if you discover something that we don't do just right - let us know, we will fix it.
We have a full three-year parts warranty, and we have designed our unit to be modular and simple to maintain - even if you have a few extra thumbs! Don't worry though - most likely you will need to change the battery and maybe replace the remote depending on how tasty it looks to your horse, which is the number one reason we sell parts.

What makes us better?
1) Our push buttons are pressure sensitive. When you press softly, you get speed 1; press a little harder and you get faster speed 2. This allows you to control the speed in the turn. Our competitors require you to hit the button once for slow and twice for fast. If this does not seem like a big deal, we suggest that you try it first before you decide.
2) You control the speed and the brake from the remote. Our competitors require you to set the speed at the motor. They do not have an adjustment for brake, so they compromise at too fast for a new horse and too slow for an experienced horse.
3) Solid state bidirectional motor control - no relays to click and wear out, and no wiring rats nest with connections waiting to fail. One look in our box and the difference is clear.


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